Garden hose two-way splitter

6 Ways This Arthritis Friendly Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter Will Change Your Life

Summer is fast approaching and the heat is on. At least where I am.

And a lot of hosing down is expected for the:

  • yard
  • garage
  • deck
  • garden
  • drive
  • lawn
  • and even the kids

For this level of activity and responsibility, the heavy duty high-quality two-way garden hose splitter fits the bill.

Efficient and Effective

The purpose of a splitter is to provide multiple ends so you can make multiple connects to complete multiple tasks with the aim of saving time and energy.

6 Benefits of a Garden Hose Splitter

  1. Basically, it makes you more efficient. For eg. Your husband wants to wash the car, but you are watering the garden and there’s only one outdoor tap.

What will you do? Break out your hose splitter of course.

Attach the splitter to the outdoor tap and then attach both hoses to the splitter. This           way you can both be productive at the same time. He washes the car while you can continue to water the plants, then maybe move on to washing the windows or watering the back lawn.

Ta da! Problem solved.

garden hose two-splitter inner metal unit

  • So in effect, it does its job by converting one tap into two and easily control your water flow.
  • The cap design and handles, make for a good grip making it arthritis friendly.
  • It’s fun to open and or close, install and operate!
  • Its long and smooth thread with rubber ring at the female end will put a cap on leaks.
  • Full rubber cover makes working with the splitter easy in all kinds of weather.
  • It does the same job outdoor as well as indoor.
  • The rubber washers make leaking less likely to occur.

2.    Whether you want to call it a faucet Y splitter, Y connector, or Y splitter with shut-off   valve, it’s still a vital part of your backyard, gardening accessories or garage. It allows            you to be successful in your home and garden care duties.
3. There are many uses you can put this garden hose splitter to, like:
Diverting water to your garage utility sink, fountain drip, water features, or for your dogs and other animals.
4. The next time you go camping, take it along with you to your favorite camping, or fishing sites. Or better yet, you can also make it a permanent addition to your RV tool box.

garden hose two-way splitter attached to a regular tap
5. This hose connector can also be used to split water in your laundry room, basement and bathroom sink. Therefore, you can attach hoses for your washing machine, dishwasher, water cooler and bar.

Garden hose splitter attached to a timer:left
6. When going on vacation or on a business trip most times our gardens and backyards are neglected until we return. Relieve your guilt by connecting a digital water timer, drip irrigation, expandable hose, hose end timer, sprinkler system timer or spray nozzle to the hose connector to ensure your plants, garden, lawn and yard are watered.

The timer can be attached on the left or the right.

garden hose two-way splitter attached to a timer: right


Start a new chapter of freedom, productivity and care in your gardening life with a full metal body arthritis friendly two-way garden hose splitter.

Now it’s your turn…

So what are you waiting for to check out this life changer?



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